About Us

At Goldstone Valley Nursery and Preschool, our top priority is to create a safe, secure and stimulating environment for the children in our care. We celebrate individuality and treat each child as their own person. We believe in inclusive practice and foster positive relationships with the children as well as their families.

The environment is carefully set up to create a homely and nurturing atmosphere for the children. The “home from home” environment will help children settle as a lot of items will be familiar to them. 

The staff are the link between the children and the environment. The staff are passionate about their roles as Early Years Educators and the management team fully vet each candidate which includes a police check as well as references from previous employers.

The staff use role modelling as a positive example for the children. We believe in empowering the children to help them help themselves. We give the children opportunities to be independent, for example, showing them how to put their coat on themselves instead of doing it for the child.

Promoting independence begins when the children join us and extends to their final year in preschool where we prepare the children for their transition to school. We work closely with the child’s parents/carers to support each child in their journey at Goldstone Valley Nursery and Preschool.

The nursery and preschool have adapted the environment to follow The Curiosity Approach which has elements of Reggio, Steiner, Te Whāriki and Montessori. This approach is geared towards igniting the child’s imagination and nurturing the child’s natural, curious nature.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes a child will choose to play with a cardboard box instead of the toy that comes inside it? Toys are often designed to have a single purpose but the possibilities for a cardboard box are endless! It could be a house, a rocket or even a cave. When planning the environment, we kept this in mind and each resource was chosen with care. When visiting Goldstone Valley Nursery and Preschool you will notice that the environment does not have bold colours and patterns throughout the setting, such colourful spaces can create a lot of ‘visual noise’ which distracts from the resources on offer to the children. We believe a muted environment enables the children to focus on their chosen resources.

The staff are passionate about caring for the environment, our practices have been adapted to reduce the amount of non-recyclable items used. We have created a growing area where the children learn about growth and caring for the outside environment.

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