Baby Room

For many children, the babyroom will be the first step of their journey at Goldstone Valley Nursery and Preschool. The room is warm and inviting, creating a calm and homely atmosphere for the children.

Our primary focus in this room is creating a strong bond between the child and their key person. It is this bond that helps the child settle and feel comfortable at nursery.

There are a range of age appropriate activities on offer to the children and staff encourage and support the children in their exploration. Stories, singing, nature baskets and tummy time are a few examples of the activities on offer in this room.

Staff work closely with parents/carers to ensure nursery follows the child’s home routine. Feeding, changing and any self-care routines are valued as a bonding experience and staff ensure that these are positive experiences for the children. We have a feeding chair in the room, so the child feels secure and comfortable.

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